10 Best Texas Power Bar 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

Power bars are made with keep in mind that sport of powerlifting. They are designed to be used for lifting the more weight possible in the squat, bench press and deadlift.

For this reason, they need to be built much differently than weightlifting bars and the standard bars anyone might find in a commercial gym.

There are many types of bars available on market but Texas power bars have their specifications. They made in Texas in 1980 and since then they are very popular for exercise. The bar is an advanced version of the deadlift bar in the fitness industry. They build for sports.

Texas bars are very popular and successful as compare to other bards. They are not a simple type of bar that can be used anywhere but they are only made for professionals. There is also one type of bar available on the market that is the Ohio power bar. Ohio power bar is heavier than a Texas power bar

There are types of bars available on the market and the Texas bar is one of them. They specially made for professional lifters and they are not used in gyms. They are recommendable if you are planning to train yourself as a professional lifter.

Factors affecting on texas power bars:

Always keep in mind that the tensile strength of the bar is the most important factor to be in consideration. Always consider the tensile strength of the bar before buying. The tensile strength can be measured by pulling the bar apart lengthways.

The second thing you need to observe is the stiffness of the bar. It is necessary to observe the stiffness before buying the power bar.

Power bars have aggressive knurling which provides an easy grip. Also, observe the finish of the bar so that it can be used easily while performing deadlift or squats.

The bar should be proper in length and weight.

Product specifications:

The length of the bar is 84 inches and weight is 45 lbs with a diameter of 28.5mm. They made with proper techniques and specifications. The load sleeve length of the bar is 370mm and it has center knurling. They made by buddy capps and they are famous for 40 years.

The maximum load the bar can carry is 1500lbs specifically but there is no maximum weight load for powerlifters. They are very firm and strong bars which can be used for weight lifting competitions. They are popular worldwide.

Features of Texas power bar:

They are very strong. This type of bar is very popular and best as compared to others.

They are suitable for squats and deadlifts. They are all rounder because of their features.

They provide good grip and proper spreading of the load. There are plenty of advantages to this bar.

It is strong, high in quality and it has many features like aggressive knurling.

It has a resistant finish with a good feel to hands.

This bar is incredible in price also. It comes with the option of upgrading the sleeves from steel to chrome.

The tensile strength of the bar is 186000psi and the shaft material of the bar is sprung tempered steel zinc plated finish.

By observing the demand of the professional demand it is necessary to know about the best one. The Texas bar is known for its quality and performance. It is used in sports widely as they are made for professionals.

Comparison with usual weightlifting bar:

When compared to a usual weightlifting bar, that are used in for snatches and to clean and jerk, this bar requires to be more rigid or “stiff”.

On a power lifting bar extra stiffness, the deeper knurling is provided. If user like having skin on palms, then he will not need the cleaning a power bar too often.

This weightlifting bar also have no prerequisite for the free-pinning bearing. As, power bars use bushings, this power bars are cheaper one.

Around 29 mm thick the power bar will be, which is a touch thicker than the standard Olympic bar 28 mm.

How to do deadlifts:

  1. Make sure that user’s feet are a hip-width apart (narrower than your squat).
  2. Make sure that user’s hands are a apart at shoulder-width.
  3. Make sure that user’s arms are in a straight line over the bar, shoulders slightly forwards.
  4. Make sure that user’s elbows are locked before and during the pull.
  5. Make sure that user’s head is in line with the rest of your spine – don’t look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t look at the floor either.
  6. Make sure that hips are higher than parallel. Don’t squat your deadlifts.

Specifications of the power bar:

There are different rulings of various federations about what bars are acceptable to be used in the competitions.

Certain federations use specialist bars for each of the three lifts. it is important to spend a lot more time training with the power bars which user will be dealing with.

The IPF is the world’s most famous drug-tested powerlifting federation and other federations follow the similar when it comes specifications of legal bar.

Thus, no of manufacturers of deadlift power bar which will objective to manufacture a bar that adheres to the IPF’s rulings.

Things you should consider while buying: Tensile strength and capacity of the bar.

  1. Tensile strength of the power bar.
  2. capacity of the power bar.
  3. Stiffness.
  4. Knurling:

Whether it is deeper and sharer or not.

  1. Bar finish and feel.

Many benefits of this power bar:

this is strong power bar with high-quality, it also features aggressive and deeper knurling, and this power bar has a resistant finish with a good feel to it and the price is incredible.

The bar comes with the option of upgrading the sleeves from raw steel to chrome, which I think is a good move since it will cut down on bar maintenance needs.

Still, sleeves are to some extent shorter than many of the other power bars sleeves, that may be a issue while using those stupidly thick bumper plates or in case user are strong.


Texas power bar is manufactured by Buddy Capps. This bar has there is no fluke stood. for all-over use this bar is regarded by many of the peoples as the better powerlifting bar.

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Power bars are made with keep in mind that sport of powerlifting. They are designed to be used for lifting the most amount of weight possible in the squat, bench press and deadlift.

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